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About us

Who we are


MyFAMM is a local 501(c)(3) who over the past few years have provided:

  • Holiday assistance for thousands of local families.
  • School Supplies for children in need
  • Food and supplies for area homeless.
  • Coats, clothing and shoes to the impovererished
  • A Sense of community for all

Our mission


Our purpose is to recognize those who need us most and to silently and discreetly meet that need. We focus our energies on the families of the area who are missed by other groups and orginzations.

Our story


What started as a grassroots movement to provide Christmas for a few local children, over the years has grown and evolved into a federally recognized 501(c)(3) orginization helping hundreds of families each year. We at MyFAMM have been in the position that some of our families face and we know the uncertanity and struggle and our goal is to help make sure no child regardless of age is forgotten.

Our vision


We hope, with the support of our local community,  to be able to continue our efforts to ensure that those in our community that just need a little extra help can rest easy knowing that they are part of a bigger family.

Our  Stories

Amy Hoak

The 1st Christmas after the sudden loss of my son, I struggled to find the joy in the season. I wanted to keep the Christmas spirit alive for my other children and reached out to join some good friends in spreading love throughout the community. My work with MyFAMM is dedicated to my late son Andrew Jett, my son Austin and my daughters Caitlin and Mya.

Maureen Blevins

My ongoing work with MyFAMM is dedicated to my children Anthony, Nicholas and Emma. As a parent I have needed assistance of others in the past to bring the joy of Christmas to their lives. Now, with my continued work with MyFAMM, I wish to share the excitement of Christmas Miracles with other families as they struggle to bring the Christmas magic into their child's life.

Amanda Leopold

 I dedicated my time to MyFAMM because of the example I want to set for my kids. I watched my mom struggle as a single parent, and I've also received help as a struggling single mom myself. I love helping out in the community and building relationships with like minded friends